What we do


Addiction affects one out of every five people in every household in Jharkhand, further giving rise to societal damage like family separation, and the loss of many lives. It has an impact on every one of us as well way. Addiction is considered a consuming relationship with a substance or behaviour motivated by a conscious or unconscious desire to feel good, with a range of adverse effects. The objectives are to start awareness programmes in many panchayats and villages to determine what drives substance usage. Mission Badlaav conducted camps, marches, street plays, and drug awareness sessions.


In Jharkhand, addiction affects one out of every five persons in every home, causing family estrangement, social devastation, and the loss of many lives. It influences each one of us. Addiction is defined as a compulsive relationship with a drug or behaviour that is also motivated by a conscious or unconscious desire to feel good and has various negative consequences. The goal is to launch awareness programmes in numerous panchayats and villages to discover what motivates people to use substances. Camps, marches, street plays, and drug awareness seminars were part of Mission Badlaav’s activities.


Ration cards are official documents provided by Indian state governments to households qualified to purchase discounted food grains through the Public Distribution System (under the National Food Security Act). For many Indians, they also function as a means of identity. Mission Badlaav created awareness campaigns on ration cards and other government amenities to fix ration card irregularities and make people aware of the ration card. The Mission Badlaav team visited 150 wards in the state and had talks with local citizens about ration card difficulties. Team have provided individuals with accurate information about their rights and how those rights are being exploited.


Donating blood is a noble gesture. Many clinics and hospitals need blood regularly for a variety of reasons. Donating blood often helps save lives in emergency situations. Mission Badlaav held blood donation camps to raise awareness about how blood donation promotes love and empathy, which help build a caring and healthy world. Although it is very useful for all emergencies as well as Thalassemia cases, we found our network most useful when blood plasma was still being used as an effective treatment for COVID patients.


The act of pledging one’s eyes for donation after death is known as eye donation. Only corneal blinds, not other blinds, can profit from this procedure. It is a voluntary act of charity performed only for the benefit of society. Mission Badlaav frequently conducts eye donation and checkup camps in many rural areas to raise crucial awareness about the importance of eye donation.Meetings with youngsters were also held to discuss the significance of eye health and eye donation. Mission Badlaav has regular eye examination camps which also serve as a great platform for awareness and registration for donation.



In the business of faith, superstition is the dark underworld or the black market, which thrives on and feeds from ignorance and illiteracy. It is more prevalent in rural environments and people easily get trapped in ideas suggesting some magic will cure their illnesses. To show them the superstitious belief’s realities and tell about the false narratives of ‘dain pratha’ and truth and stop the Dayeen pratha, Mission Badlaav Conducted the awareness programme in many panchayats. Mission Badlaav also took Gramsabha and awareness creating programmes with the people of the panchayat. Understanding that women are more prone to such superstitious beliefs, we held meetings and discussions with the self-help groups, involving the women in discussions and helping them get away with such superstitious beliefs.


Police–public relations refers to the ongoing and dynamic relationship between the police and the communities they serve. Cooperation, racism, relationships, police brutality fears, and corruption are all discussed. The concept of police-public relations is a relatively new one in our curriculum. the mission Badlaav convened a mediation conference with police officials and local citizens to strengthen relationships between the police and the people, promote awareness about women’s issues such as domestic violence, mob lynching, and related issues, and give legal assistance to victims. Domestic abuse and lynching were two sensitive issues that garnered special attention.


Women’s empowerment assists the most backward of them in standing on their own feet and making life decisions without the influence of family or society. For many years, women’s empowerment has been one of the most hotly debated and widely discussed problems globally, including in our own country. The community should empower women in various ways and at different times to protect themselves and maintain their respect and dignity. Mission Badlaav often stages rallies in the streets with women in the lead, held an awareness programme in school, gathered inspirational speeches on women empowerment, and encouraged women to voice their opinions to urge them to be assigned and celebrate Women’s Day.


A ration card is an official document issued by Indian state governments to families qualified to receive discounted food grains via the public distribution system. For many Indians, they also function as a means of identity. Mission Badlaav spreads awareness through campaigns and distributes ration cards to the underprivileged and needy to continue the work started in 2014–2021. Mission Badlaav launched a ration card fraud campaign. involving youth to urge them to report ration card fraud and media to demonstrate the ration card’s breakdown and to aid needy and eligible individuals. Our campaigns have prevented serious pilferage of public wealth and goods meant for the welfare of the most economically poor member of the society.


Reckless driving is a sort of traffic offence in which the rider disregards all signs, signals, and rules. Drivers may keep themselves and other drivers on the road safe by understanding a few safety recommendations. Mission Badlaav had meetings with administration, DTOs, and SPs to raise awareness about rash riding among parents. Mission Badlaav also launched a campaign at universities to raise awareness about rash riding and driving. In addition, open discussions with parents were held in several wards. This is a problem most commonly seen among youth and specifically more common among two- wheeler riders. As a youth led organization, it is our responsibility to instil the sense of common responsibility while using public facilities which includes our streets.


For the purpose of following up on the actions carried out throughout the years 2014-2020. Mission Badlav aims to raise awareness about blood donation among young people, reduce death rates owing to a lack of availability of blood in the local blood bank, and deliver adequate blood to anaemic women in the region. Mission Badlaav organised a blood donation awareness campaign with the help of the youth and the whole Mission Badlaav team . Women recommended providing a complimentary iron tablet in exchange for a thorough examination of the tablet’s production date. The donation site gathered 50 units of blood, which were sent to the Sadar hospital.


Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act is aimed to enhance livelihood security for the household in rural areas of the country by providing at least 100 days of guaranteed employment in every financial year of every family whose adult member volunteer to do the unskilled work. Women participation is very high, with 80 % of the total beneficiaries under the scheme. Mission Badlaav organised a campaign to raise awareness about MGNREGA women labour rights and held meetings with SHGs and PRI members. Mission Badlaav held Meeting with DC and PRI and resolve the due payment issues of the women beneficiaries of MGNREGA.


Cultivated mushrooms are gaining popularity on food-plates all around the world. It is a rich source of protein and mushroom cultivation can help alleviate poverty and improve people’s lives by offering a nutritious, high-yielding source of income. Because mushroom cultivation does not require access to land, it is a practical and enticing activity for rural farmers and peri-urban residents. The Mission Badlaav paid a visit to the Birsa Agriculture University in Ranchi, where he instructed locals on mushroom cultivation and had a discussion with the villagers and team to discuss the mushroom training programme, which aims to offer a source of income for the community while also providing them with skill training.


In India’s cities, street vendors represent an essential part of the informal economy. The vast majority of street vendors are low-skilled city dwellers who have relocated from rural areas or come from low-income families. The idea of legalising street vending was born with the passage of the Street Vendors Act of 2014. Mission Badlaav ran roadside campaigns to educate street sellers about their rights as street vendors and help them set up a proper street business. They also taught them how to sell products in public places and go about their jobs in a harassment-free atmosphere.


Patriotism, according to us is not a seasonal flavour nor accomplished merely with standing up for national anthem in Cinemas. Today, it might be the case that the spirit of patriotism has faded over time. The youth today might not have faith in the country’s Prospects or in their role in building the same. We must instil patriotism in the country’s youngsters for them to function as responsible citizens. Youth are the country’s future, and for the country’s bright future, they must defend and maintain the government, acting in its best interests to ensure that it shines. Mission Badlaav, to remember our martyred troops and instil patriotism in the young, created a street play on patriotism with our team and included participation from school students.


On the 9th of August 2018, VISWA ADIVASI DIWAS observed. International Day of the World’s Indigenous Peoples as per the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, aims to promote and safeguard the rights of the world’s indigenous population. This event also honours indigenous people’s accomplishments and contributions to global challenges such as environmental conservation. The Nepal Adivasi Community Meeting (Mahasabha) was attended by Mission Badlaav, which also took part in the celebration.


We all know how difficult it is to go to a health centre in India’s rural areas. As a result, the residents of the villages’ health and sanitary conditions have deteriorated. Because physicians’ irregularities in civil hospitals have been a critical element affecting this issue. The problem here is twin-fold- there is both a shortage of physicians involved and irregularity in their actual presence in the hospital wards. Mission Badlaav conducted an awareness campaign to raise the attention of the authorities to the need for regularisation of physicians in many district’s hospitals. The people of Jharkhand were truly awakened by this programme, which encouraged them to speak up for their rights.