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India is a country of youth and young people who participate in national interests can have a good influence on progress. It must, however, be sensible, accountable, and committed to the nation and people. During this time, however, a number of political and social issues have a severe impact on young and subsequent generations. To create a supportive atmosphere and programmes in which young people may grow and develop for the betterment of society and national progress. Bhushan Bhagat launched Mission Badlaav in 2014, and it has now grown to over 5000 young people in Jharkhand.
The community development activities and efforts of Mission Badlaav have sparked a surge of hope among the youngsters. Mission Badlaav’s work in Gumla, Khunti, Simdega, and several rural regions of Ranchi has also included women’s empowerment and de-addiction. It has a positive impact on young participation in politics and social development. Mission Badlav has also held de-addiction awareness programmes in a number of panchayats and villages throughout Jharkhand’s districts. as well as alcohol awareness marches, street performances, and drug awareness sessions with PRI leaders. Mission Badlaav also works hard to increase tribal youth’s educational awareness. In recent years, we’ve also been working to combat ration card theft in rural Jharkhand. By bringing youth into the forefront of politics and encouraging them to be change agents on the ground, we’ve also taken a step toward nation-building. During the era of the covid -19 epidemic, Mission Badlaav continued to help people all throughout India.

  • Women Empowerment
  • Child Education
  • Traditional Farming
  • Traditional Arts & Culture

Bhusan bhagat

Bhusan bhagat


To help the distressed, needy, neglected and vulnerable people socially and economically in the state of Jharkhand while providing them the necessary assistance for sustaining their lives and conditions especially to the women and children.

Missionbadlaav will take all necessary initiatives / measures towards empowerment and self-determinations of community while enabling them to solve their own socio-economic problems by themselves.

Our Philosophy

We believes in the rural potential power for the development of the country. Rural people have the potentiality to develop themselves. Only ignorance and lack of means, prevent them from achieving that feat. That is why We stands for development of the area through ensuring full participation and cooperation of communities / stakeholders. They are not only stakeholders but also owners of the natural resources for bringing development. So, our organization gives a full thrust towards organizing and strengthening traditional local institutions like Gram Sabha and Gram Panachayat.

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